A question that is ubiquitously asked by practically everyone in my life.

Believe me when I tell you, I have been asked this one too many times. I can list out a million reasons why I love this man, but if I do so, I would be prosecuted in my own court of law for unceremoniously justifying my institution of love; my constitution of life.

Ever since I started understanding the concept of pain and satisfaction would be an answer apt enough for a question of such diminutive standards.

Yes! If there’s a ever a time I could open the floodgates of my heart, now it is.

I’m 25 years of age, shamelessly dwelling in my teenage years, impervious to the world and its boggling norms. You might wonder why is that I am talking about my life when I clearly started this piece with a cut-throat question as to why do I love Shahrukh Khan.

The very name ‘SHAHRUKH KHAN’ makes me reminiscent of the times I was brought up in: Altruistic parents, willing to put all the essentials at my disposal without batting their eyes; pretty sophisticated upbringing, with opportunities served comfortably without breaking a sweat; moments of perennial affection and love. Safe to say, I had it all. The one thing that was emphatically, unapologetically showered on me was love. I was taught to love right from those formative years. That is when I was introduced to this ‘enigma’ of a star- Shahrukh Khan. Normally, in a period of overwhelming transitions, it would be convenient for a little boy to indulge in the splash of razzmatazz; but here I was, irrevocably in love with a star far away from the world built exclusively for me.

I was head-over-heels, as they say, with this larger-than-life showman, who ruled the hearts of millions and billions.

Unlike most of his fans, I was not just not smitten by his aura or demeanour, as a matter of fact, with years passing by like a gush of wind, I started relating to his journey. I began to believe in the fantasy he invariably claimed to have transpired in his own life. Having lost my father at a tender age of 13, I was quick to realise that much akin to him, I was also at a brink of a major turnover of life. I realised that I was going to be all by myself to take on the cold world out there.

A self made entity

For a middle class boy to emerge out of the darkness looming in the courtyard, SRK really did have his game face on at a very young age. The idea of me being 25 and thinking as to what is it going to take to make my voice heard; to make my stars shine; to make my castle visible from the undisclosed streets…really carves a way similar to his path.

Landing in Mumbai amidst its hustle and bustle; being resolute in his approach; harbouring dreams; and most importantly, mustering courage to take that one solid leap of faith…It didn’t take me a single moment in time to delve deeper into his world.

Am I a Fan?

I don’t know. Honestly. But one thing what I am, is a guy who is constantly imbibing from his journey. Every new phrase that comes out of his mouth, every new expression, every new gesture, every new move….Its a great resource for learning & boy! Am I making the most of it or what.

SRK and failure

*Laughs uncontrollably*

If you think for a single solitary second that him and I are afraid of this term, boy! You should skim through those blank and dreary pages of our lives. When a man tries all his life to stay relevant to the ever-changing times, he inadvertently equips himself with the crude tools of survival. We are indifferent to the outcomes of our journey. We are hungry wolves. Perhaps the right time to take recourse to what he once said in an interview, “Throw me to the wolves, I will come back leading the pack” Yes! We might fail, we might fall, but are we afraid of that? Go ask the maker who we are!

Why do I love him?

Again. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the dimples or maybe it’s just that I am cut from the same cloth, no matter what the reason, I admire him. I identify with his energy. I relate to his will. I am on a similar road.


Yeah, I need not say no more.

I love SRK.


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