Stories here and everywhere

From the primitive times to the modern era, storytelling has been pervasive. Humankind has thrived on its ability to craft, knit and narrate tales from their daily and, rather mundane excerpts. But what makes this craft extremely special is the fact as to how we represent different ideas, visions and thoughts through these different stories. There are stories being crafted every second, even now as I rambunctiously punch the keys on the board.

Time and again we have seen this phrase, haven’t we?

Well, it is not always the intent of crafting that makes a story beautiful, but by how it is being narrated, or represented, is what takes the center stage in the art of storytelling. This is precisely why we place high regards on the aspect of ‘story-telling’, and seldom do we concern ourselves with how it is being crafted.

A story, in my humble opinion should represent a certain core value of life. Without representations, a story could be at a risk of being bland. Would you like your coconut chutney minus the coconut? You would lay waste on me for just saying that. Stories are those intangible and interesting source of knowledge which ‘move’ people; causes them to shake off their rigid beliefs. One might argue about the fragility of one’s beliefs, but what is to be understood here is we are talking about the bigger picture — life. Why would we hesitate or fear change? Change, of course being the only constant, should be embraced with open arms and mind. No matter how firm our system is, it is ought to change. Story-telling facilitates just that, perhaps in a lot smoother and considerate fashion. Stories revolve around us all the time, and there is one for every occasion. But here’s what’s interesting, one need not necessarily look for stories from the archive, for if you possess the ability to assimilate your surroundings, you can craft a story and articulately present it before the world. What I mean to say here is, you can build a story right in the very moment, if you simply pay very close attention to your present surroundings. Let me give you an example:

I woke up with a heavy head this morning, thoughts had taken control over my sleep last night. But like they say, nothing that a cup of hot beverage cannot fix, therefore as I got out of my bed to fix myself a steaming hot cup of tea, I heard whispering sounds from the room adjacent to mine. I was fully aware of the fact that my mother and I were the only two residing at home. I stood still for a few seconds, and gathered some courage to see if everything was ok. The moment I stood at the threshold of my mother’s room, I let out a huge sigh of relief at the sight of my old lady sleep-talking, in a rather comical way. I was tempted to eavesdrop, but I chose to let her dwell in there for a few minutes, before I could wake her up with her cup of tea.

VOILA! There you have your short and sweet, and please to say, a fictitious tale, crafted in this very moment. The possibility of one building a story is unimaginable, but imagination is what it takes to build a story, is it not? I could look at a dry leaf and give it a compelling part in the story I craft, provided I pay attention to the branch, the bark, the wind and of course, my thoughts at that moment.

Anyone could build a story; anyone could narrate it. The best way to be a master at story telling is you keep your eyes open, mind intact in that very moment, and ears to the tiniest of murmurs. In short, one has to be attentive and observant enough to craft a story. I was wondering what could I compare this art f storytelling to, well, after careful thinking, I came to a conclusion that story telling is as basic as gulping a glass of water. One might argue about the way one narrates a tale, but that was never the area of concern, we should rather be concerned about the stories. There is always a way to rectify the style, errors can be overlooked, and at the end of the day, we have a solid reason to smile…a story is born, a new one if you please.