That’s what I call it; it’s is a way of making the world wait for your next big step, one that could potentially change it.

A lot of us indulge in it unknowingly, but only a few of those work. Often, it’s believed to transform some of the most minimalistic stories to the wonders that we see today. Perhaps the best example I could give you of deliberate laziness is the ‘faulty star phenomenon’, or ‘shifting planets’, or, more simply ‘bad time concept’. I’m sure you’ve heard thousands of people say that they are wary of performing a job or a task because they feel the time isn’t right, or maybe their instincts don’t provoke them enough to perform it. Instinctive approach is a slightly advanced way of escaping, but it is one of these nonetheless.

So one might wonder why would we be deliberately lazy. The answer is pretty much simple: it’s because of lack of tiny bits of information that otherwise form regularly, that does not add up to the big task that’s at hand. Simply put, we have set our goals all right, but our mind hasn’t consciously, or even subconsciously gathered information to facilitate for the big work that’s to happen.

We procrastinate, sometimes a lot more than usual, well, that is for all the information pertaining to the particular task that ‘hasn’t’ been gathered sufficiently.

I have been thinking for sometime now, folks in creative fields have a tough time narrowing down their objectives; well, the simplest idea that is to be kept in mind here is how much of thought process is being dedicated to a pre-conceived goal? For example, a sketch artist would face trouble right at the outset, having difficulty with deciding what to sketch, or a writer on deciding the route to be adopted to write on a particular topic. Let’s break the process down a little bit. It becomes particularly difficult to arrive at these decisions because of the obstacles in the channel of information flow. The moment an artist decides to work on a said task, they face what’s now popularly called a “creative block”.

The moment the task is delegated, the nodes in our mind need are expected to be connected to one place which generates and supplies information. In laymen’s term, if there’s a task in hand, the best way to accomplish it is by switching our minds onto it, which will in turn cause our minds to generate thoughts pertaining to only that, and thus the task could now go underway.

Now, this could sound brooding and mind-bending, but it’s actually a lot more fun than one could imagine. When all the channels in your brain is activated and zeroed in on a single task, every bit of energy produced will be for that task. So, more than this being a forced work, it will turn into a fun bout that we otherwise look for through unsolicited means. You know what I’m talking about.

So, the next time you’re being lazy, thank your mind instead of the planets or the ticking time.